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Tuki Restaurant Produce – Our Story

At Tuki we follow organic practice, our stock are antibiotic free, chemical free and hormone free.

Tuki Produce in detail

We follow organic practice, our stock are antibiotic free, chemical free and hormone free. Our spring water comes from 250 feet below the ground and has a generous compliment of beneficial minerals, these benefits are passed onto our produce customers.

Tuki lamb is pasture fed, our sheep are a highland breed so have a distinctive aromatic sweet flavour.  Our stock also graze on natural herbage & native pasture giving the meat greater nutritional benefits and a unique flavour.

The green waste from the restaurant goes to the chooks each day. The chooks lay the eggs, the eggs get made into breakfast, and the compost goes on the garden to grow nice veggies. The rhythm of a sustainable life is very rewarding.

Our Sheep

Tukidale sheep are a genetic variation of the English Romney marsh. They are a highland sheep, good in cold climates, producing coarse wool and nutritious meat.

Pasture fed lamb is of greater nutritional value as the stock graze on a variety of different grasses. It is generally higher in Omega 3 oils and minerals. The “Stoney Rises” Property north of Smeaton has an abundance of natural native vegetation which enhances the quality of the meat & gives it a distinctive flavour.

Our Rainbow Trout

Our rainbow trout get to swim in aerated spring water which is excellent quality drawn from 250 feet below the ground. This water has a generous compliment of minerals which helps the trout taste great, these benefits are ultimately passed onto our produce customers when they eat the trout. We don’t keep our trout in the fridge, we keep them in the pond to guarantee freshness.

Our Smallgoods

Lamb sausages

These are made from Tuki lamb and have slow roasted garlic and a bit of rosemary and basil. They are sensational on a BBQ, great for breakfast. Robert’s favourite is browned in a pan, finished off in a slow oven, popped in a crusty roll with a dob of sour cream and a dob of tomato relish.

Tuki smoked lamb sausage

These have the addition of a bit of chilli, they are cured then smoked. Robert likes to cut them in thin slices, brown the slices in a pan and then serve with pasta. It is a bit like kabana.

Legs of lamb

These are great cooked slowly with a little garlic and rosemary. 4 hours in a slow oven.

Tuki products are hand made to recipes that have been tried & tested. We are grateful for the input of many local chefs and our guests in order to find an acceptable recipe.

If you have a special order please ring ahead, as occasionally we sell out.

Tuki is a genuine farm to plate business, watch our video to see how.

Tuki facts by numbers

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