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Professional Development Packages

Tuki is the perfect venue for a team building exercise. Remove yourself from familiar, maybe hectic environments and plan a workshop at Tuki.

Team Building Professional Development day

Businesses are discovering when you take your team out of their work setting and put them in an environment which is filled with a positive and relaxing vibe. You get a connection between colleagues which forms quicker, resulting in a friendlier more productive workplace.

When hosting a small to medium off-site meeting, team-building trip or workshop, it can be hard to find a location that will meet your practical needs while offering a memorable and comfortable experience for your guests or team. Tuki offers a unique experience, we are one of the most idyllic business development and team building venues in rural Victoria. Located a little over an hours drive from Melbourne.

At Tuki we don’t run your meeting, conference or work shop, we simply provide the facilities for your business to make it happen. Our environment is exceptionally different to anything you will find anywhere else. Perched on Stoney Ridges our accommodation, restaurant and conference rooms provide a vista which a guest has described as a “little piece of heaven right here on earth”. Our meeting rooms are in the historic Stoney Rises stables first built in the 1850s. With two meeting rooms to choose from we can accommodate from 10 to 80 people.

If you are looking for an escape from the rigours of your hectic work life or a reward for hard work for your team, then Tuki will exceed your expectations. We offer a range of team building, work shop packages which we allow your team to not only enjoy the wonders of Tuki but to also use our relaxing environment as a less hectic way to bond and learn.

Why Tuki?

We don’t try to be different or unique we just are. Our location is the drawcard and what people who visit remember when they leave. There is nothing more alluring than nature. That’s why more and more people are choosing to host their wedding, corporate function or special event out in the open, surrounded by nature. The Tuki ambience will deafen you with our tranquil sounds and your eyes will not believe our unique landscape.

Fly In, Fly Out

Tuki has its own runway which is perfect for the busy people who haven’t got time to drive. Tuki is situated approximately 15 minutes by plane from Moorabbin Airport.


Tuki has the space to accommodate a car club event which would utilise our rolling landscaped gardens and the intimacy for a small business conference in our historic buildings. We have accommodation on site for events, work shop or professional development courses which run longer than one day. Tuki has become a destination for many businesses from Melbourne seeking to take their staff away from their everyday norm. They use our unique set-up as a weekend bonding exercise and love the laid back nature of Tuki.

Activities you can enjoy at Tuki

  • Rainbow Trout fishing
  • Restaurant
  • Cottage Retreat
  • Unique natural surrounding
  • Fly in and fly out from our airstrip
  • Of course you can always just relax
  • Licensed bar and restaurant

Tuki Facilities & Activities:

  • On-site Accommodation
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Meeting Rooms for 10 to 80 people
  • Lunch and Dinner options
  • Plenty of parking
  • Large grassed area for fun and games
  • Air strip
  • Winery tours (must be booked prior)
  • Tuki Farm Tours

Professional Development or Work Shop Packages

Extended Breakfast (3 hours)

Remove yourself from familiar, maybe hectic environments and plan a meeting for your commercial or personal enterprise in the more reflective spaces at Stoney Rises. Choose from two meeting rooms suitable for 10 to 80 people at one time. A great place to have wandering meeting and develop your team.

Schedule (Suggested)
  • Meet early at Tuki, help collect firewood, vegetables and eggs for the day.
  • Feed the fish and animals, get the fire going.
  • Cooked country breakfast or muffin/bacon and egg roll, coffee, tea or juice.
  • Conduct meeting or professional development exercise – time negotiable.
  • Conclude meeting and hit the ponds for a spot of fishing or explore the area.

Our extended breakfast meeting package is suitable for 10 to 80 people. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 5345 6233.

Team Building Day

Make time to work on your enterprise and team away from distractions. Treat yourselves and use the day to develop your team into a higher functioning unit at this working farm situated in a spectacular country environment.

Schedule (Suggested)
  • Arrive early morning 9am and commence meeting or activities
  • 10:30 break for morning tea
  • 12:30 Break for a spot of fishing and cook your fish for lunch
  • 3:00pm, light afternoon tea, coffee and cake break
  • 6:30pm watch the sunset and enjoy a three course dinner of farm fresh produce from Tuki and our neighbours with local beverages. –

Overnight accommodation is available but not included in the price, bookings are essential so please book your accommodation before your event to avoid disappointment.

Breakfast Meeting includes:

  • Access to our iconic location
  • Use of our meeting room(s)
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing
  • Breakfast (choose from basic or cooked)
  • Explore the Tuki Farm

Team Building Day includes:

  • Access to our iconic location
  • Use of our meeting room(s)
  • Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea
  • Three Course Dinner
  • Trout Fishing or Explore Tuki Farm

Basic Breakfast option $35 per person
Cooked Breakfast option $45 per person

Cost: $180 per person

Watch this video on our award winning Tuki.

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