Tuki Story

The Tuki Rural Retreat Story

The Tuki story is not your average yarn, born from necessity Tuki is a mix of passion, hard work and a lot of fun.

Tuki Retreat is a special getaway situated on historic “Stoney Rises”. The property is a traditional grazing property, the woolshed, miner’s cottage and stable restaurant being original buildings. The area has been farmed for over 150 years.

Our History

The concept of Tuki began in 1985, when the farm was first open to guests as a trout fishing venue. At this time the largest commercial flock of Tukidale sheep grazed on the property, hence the name Tuki.

Tukidale sheep are a course wool breed, producing wool for carpets. They are a genetic variation of the Romney Marsh. The unique Tukidale breed was established an s a breed in New Zealand.

The first stone cottages were opened in 1993, built with blue stone from the property, they blend well with the dry stonewalls that Don and Robert have created.

The next stone cottages were completed in 1997 and feature furniture locally made utilising some of the aged timber from the property. Further cottages were completed in 1999.

Don lived on the farm since the 1940’s, his late wife Violet and two children Jenny and Robert created the concept of Tuki together. Jenny has gone on to manage her own business in Ballarat, and now Robert, Jan, David and Alistair keep the concept going. Don passed away in 2007, but the product of his vision remains.

The trout that stock the ponds are reared on the property in a variety of growing ponds. The good quality water they live in contribute to the wonderful flavour of our trout.

The water that is provided for drinking and the spas is high quality water with excellent mineral qualities, it is also filtered. The lamb & beef products on the menu come from our own flock; they are pasture fed so giving a wonderful flavour.

We pursue organic & sustainable principles.

Watch this video to discover the beauty of Tuki

Tuki facts by numbers

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