Tuki Trout Farm

Tuki Trout Farm Philosophy

The restaurant green waste feeds the chooks. The chooks lay the eggs, the eggs get made into breakfast and the compost goes on the garden to grow veggies.

The rhythm of a sustainable life is very rewarding.

From the pond to the pan, from the paddock to the plate, the menu at Tuki draws upon our farm produce. There are no food miles when you dine in our restaurant

Tuki is a farm which follows organic and sustainable practices.

Our philosophy

Tuki has an enduring commitment to organic farming practices and honouring this in the food we produce. Our sheep are antibiotic free, chemical free and hormone free. They also graze on natural herbage and native pasture, giving the meat greater nutritional benefits and a unique flavour.

The Tuki trout swim in aerate spring water which comes from 250 feet below the ground. It has generous compliments of beneficial minerals and these benefits are passed onto our produce and customers.

Tuki’s chickens and vegetable garden are nurtured with rich compost from the restaurant kitchen. We make use of kitchen waste which feeds the chickens whilst regenerating the garden beds, so both receive the benefits of being chemical free and packed with nutrients.

This is all part of Tuki’s cycle of sustainable measures and commitment to feeding people well, reducing waste and creating dishes that are not only delicious but rich with nutrients.

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