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Tuki Trout Farm Fishing

At Tuki catching a fish is guaranteed; you’ll catch a gorgeous trout and if you want, we can even cook it up for you to eat.

Tuki Trout Farm Fishing

Imagine the look on your child’s face when they catch their first fish!

Have the camera at the ready! Tuki Trout Farm has played host to many wonderful memories where Grandpa and Grandson fish together or where families enjoy the thrill of catching a fish for the first time.

What do you need to bring?

We have fishing rods, bait and nets for hire. But if you are a keen fisherman and want to use your own equipment you can do that to. We have a dedicated pond where you can relax take in the vista while catching a fish or three.

Please bring your own esky and re-usable plastic bags or plastic food containers to take your trout home. At Tuki we are passionate about reducing waste.

What happens with the fish I catch?

When you have caught your trout we will clean and package it for you to take home, or you can have it cooked in the restaurant for lunch. Trout taste best as a smaller fish, so a catch of three will be about a kilogram in weight. These are weighed and cleaned for you to take home.

How much does the fish cost?

The trout you catch will cost you $22.00 a kilogram.


The greatest asset we have at Tuki is a location. Sitting on top of the hill we have 80 kilometres of uninterrupted views of the Loddon Campaspe Valley. We also have plenty of car parking spaces and wheelchair access.

Watch this video on our award winning Tuki.

Tuki facts by numbers

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