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Tuki restaurant has a selection of menus, please peruse our dishes below.

Tuki Restaurant Appertiser Menu

Appetisers Menu

Tuki Restaurant Main Menu

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Tuki Restaurant Childrens Menu

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Tuki Restaurant Wine Menu

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Beer & Drinks List

Tuki Restaurant Appertiser Menu

Appetisers Menu

Description Cost
Tuki smoked trout pate with water cracker biscuits and salad greens. $12.00
With mild cheddar $15.00
Smoked trout platter, with horseradish cream, salad greens and antipasto, and cracker biscuits. $17.50
A shared Tuki platter with our smoked trout, smoked trout pate, Tuki lamb smoked sausage, antipasto mix, horseradish and sour cream & salad. $35.00 or $38.00 with cheese

Our smoked trout is hot smoked and a fresh batch is produced weekly. The smoked trout pate is made here, weekly, with sour cream and touch of horseradish.

Tuki Restaurant Main Menu

Main Course Menu

You are welcome to catch your own rainbow trout or we will net it from the pond for you.

Description Cost
Fresh baked rainbow trout, served bone free with crushed green peppercorn dressing, locally grown potatoes, and locally baked bread. $35.00
Tuki lamb fillets, three tenderloins of lamb. Native pasture fed lamb seared with a little garlic and served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables. $35.00
Tuki Beef Rib-eye 800gm,T-Bone 600gm,or eye fillet 350gm all served with potatoes and bread.

Our beef is low line angus, native pasture fed, please tell us how you would like your lamb or beef cooked.

Sides Salad $8.00
Additional potatoes & bread. $8.00
Tuki Deserts List

Dessert Menu

All baked on the premises

Description Cost
Apple Pie made with organic spelt wheat and local apples with cream and ice cream. $12.00
Lemon Syrup Cake, a rich butter cake with a citrus sauce. $12.00
A Rich Chocolate Cake, gluten free, with cream& ice cream. $12.00
Ice-cream sundae, strawberry or chocolate. $8.50
Cookies and cream ice cream sandwich. $8.50
Cheese platter, 3 delightful varieties of cheese. $24.00

Dessert Drinks

French press Coffee, made with fresh roasted beans from the Bean Barn, Ballarat. Gum Tree Flat blend. $4.00
Slow Tea Co, Breakfast, Last drinks, Zen, Booze Hound, Happy Hippy Chai, Abundance. $4.00
Hot Chocolate. $4.00
Tuki Restaurant Childrens Menu

Children’s Menu

Description Cost
Tuki lamb sausages, potato wedges & tomato sauce. $15.00
Tuki corned beef roll with pickles and cheese $15.00
Tuki Lamb burgers, in a crusty roll served with an egg and caramelised onion $15.00
Crispy trout taco with coleslaw and avocado $15.00
Potato wedges served with sour cream or tomato sauce $9.00
Tuki Wine List

Tuki Wine List

All wine is made with passion in Central Victoria.

White Wine

Year Description Glass Bottle
2015 Hanging Rock Sauvblanc & Semillon $9.50 $30.00
2013 Mt.Beckworth, Unwooded Chardonnay $10.00 $32.00
2015 Bazzani Chardonnay $11.00 $34.00
2013 Bazzani Sauvignon Blanc $11.00 $34.00
2015 Sailors Falls Pinot Gris $12.00 $35.00
2013 Myola Sparkling Pinot Noir Blanc $12.00 $35.00
2014 Harcourt Valley Reisling $13.00 $36.00
2015 Daisy Creek Sauvignon Blanc $13.00 $36.00
2014 Mt.Coghill Chardonnay $13.00 $36.00
2011 Guildford Chardonnay $14.00 $40.00
2014 Harcourt Valley Chardonnay $42.00
2015 Amherst Lachlans’s Chardonnay $50.00
2013 Captains Creek Organic Chardonnay $50.00
2013 Kangaroo Hills, Sparkling Pinot Grigio $50.00
2012 Eastern Peake Chardonnay $54.00
2011 Sailors Falls Sparkling Rose $60.00

Red Wine

Year Description Glass Bottle
2010 Vinello, Barbara, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Brunello $9.00 $35.00
2013 Hanging Rock Merlot $9.00 $35.00
2015 Mt. Beckworth Cab Merlot $10.00 $36.00
2013 Mt. Coghill Pinot Noir $10.00 $36.00
2015 Mt. Coghill Shiraz $10.00 $36.00
2011 Warranmang Shiraz Cabernet $12.00 $35.00
2015 Amherst “Rachel’s Rose” $45.00
2014 Amherst Pinot Noir $47.00
2014 Barbara’s Harcourt Valley Shiraz $50.00
2012 Guildford Shiraz $50.00
2013 Passing Cloud Graeme’s Blend Shiraz Cabernet $52.00
2015 Eastern Peake Pinot Tache Rose $62.00
2013 Summerfield Tradition Shiraz Cabernet $60.00
2013 Summerfield Merlot $60.00
2013 Eastern Peake Pinot Noir $64.00
2014 Latta Sangiovese $85.00
2009 Warranmang Estate Shiraz $95.00
2009 Warranmang Black Puma $120.00
2013 Summerfield Reserve Shiraz $120.00
2013 Summerfield Reserve Cabernet $120.00
Tuki Restaurant Drinks Menu

Beer, Liquor & Soft Drinks

Beer Cost Soft Drink Cost
Victorian Bitter $6.00 Coca Cola $4.00
Carlton Draught $6.00 Fanta $4.00
Carlton Dry $6.00 Diet Coca Cola (600ml) $4.00
Pure blonde $6.00 Coke Zero (600ml) $4.00
Cascade Light $6.00 Lift (600ml) $4.00
James Boag Premium $8.00 Sprite (600ml) $4.00
Crown Lager $8.00 Fanta Orange (600ml) $4.00
Sightings American Pale Al $8.00 Wheatgrass & Spirulina $4.00
Corona $8.00 Hepburn Mineral Water (500ml) $5.00
Coopers Pale Ale $8.00 Hepburn Ginger Beer $3.50
Peroni $8.00 Lemon, Lime & Bitters $3.50
HolgateMtMacedon Pale Ale $8.00 Hepburn Tonic Water $3.50
Holgate Norton lager $8.00 Hepburn Chinotto $3.50
Daylesford Brewing Co:
Pale Ale & Golden Ale
$8.50 Hepburn Mineral Water (Lemon, Blood Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Orange & Passionfruit and Cloudy Apple) $3.50
Red Duck Pale Ale & Golden Ale $8.50
Red Duck Dark London Ale $9.00 GINGER BEER
Holgate ESB $9.00 Ginger Kid 4% alcohol $10.00
Holgate Hop Tart, semi sour ale $9.00 Ginger Kid 8% alcohol $10.00
Holgate RoadTrip $10.00
Baird Shimaguni stout $13.00
Edge Cool hops lager $12.00
Jopen, Jacobus RPA $14.00
Cousin Iti – 500ml $18.00
Pre-mixed Drinks Cost
Bunderburg & Cola $8.00
Johnny Walker Red Label $8.00
Jamieson $8.00
Jim Bean $8.00
Bacardi & Cola $8.00
Spirits to order $10.00
Vodka Cruiser $8.00

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